Christian Values

Our School Christian Values

Following extensive work and continuing work in school we are now able to identify the core Christian values which lie at the heart of our School’s success.

In order to arrive at these particular values we have obtained the thoughts of parents, governors, staff, friends and the children through various means and it has been a very valuable exercise.

After collating all the results we have been able to identify these eight values which are central to the daily life of our School:










Obviously these values do not standalone and we consider many other values as part of our daily activities and worship in school. We aim to equip the children with the skills and values to enable them to be upstanding citizens in our world.

Please see the attachments on the following pages for ideas you can explore with your children to further promote their spiritual and moral development.


Home School Values

These resources support work we do in school linked to our Christian values.  They contain fun activities for the family to complete together alongside topics to stimulate discussion and reflection.

We hope you enjoy using them.

HomeSchoolValues_PEACE.pdf .pdf
HomeSchoolValues_JUSTICE.pdf .pdf
HomeSchoolValues_HUMILITY.pdf .pdf
HomeSchoolValues_HOPE.pdf .pdf
HomeSchoolValues_GENEROSITY.pdf .pdf
HomeSchoolValues_FRIENDSHIP.pdf .pdf
HomeSchoolValues_FORGIVENESS.pdf .pdf
HomeSchoolValues_CREATIVITY.pdf .pdf
HomeSchoolValues_COURAGE.pdf .pdf
HomeSchoolValues_COMPASSION.pdf .pdf