Flash Lane, Rufford, Ormskirk, Lancashire L40 1SN


01704 821300

Rufford CE Primary School

Let your light shine in the world - Matthew 5:16




Headteacher: Mrs R. Elleray School Administrator: Mrs S. Shaw

Rowan Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Newsham

Assistant Headteacher

Teaching Assistant Support: Miss Tearne 
Age Group:  Years 5 and 6


Elm Class 

Class Teacher:

Mrs Coogan (Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs Worden (Wednesday afternoon, Thursday Friday)

Teaching Assistant Support: Miss Tearne, Mrs Croft
Age Group: Years 4 and 5

Maple Class

Class Teacher: Miss Travis

Teaching Assistant Support:  Miss Tearne,  Mrs Croft, 
Age Group: Years 3 and 4


Ash Class

Class Teachers:

Mrs Murphy 

Teaching Assistant Support: Mrs Ewins, Miss Tearne, Mrs Croft
Age Group: Year 2



Willow Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Turner

Teaching Assistant Support:  Miss Tearne, Miss Ebden, Mrs Croft

Age Group: Year 1


Oak Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Lowe

Teaching Assistant Support: Ms Bell, Miss Orme, Mrs Croft, Miss Tearne, Miss Ebden

Age Group: Reception


Little Squirrels 

Miss Bell

Age Group: Pre-School

(Miss Bell is also the TreeHouse Club manager) 

Miss Orme (Teaching Assistant and TreeHouse Club)


Mrs A. Croft (Teaching Assistant, TreeHouse Club, 

& Lunchtime Welfare Assistant)

Mrs Ewins (Teaching Assistant)


Mrs C. Blundell (Catering Manager)

Mr M James (Site Supervisor) Mrs L. Anthony (Lunchtime Supervisor and TreeHouse Club manager)



Mrs D. Ainscough (Kitchen Assistant)

Mrs J McGinty (Kitchen Assistant)
Mrs M Ashcroft (Lunchtime Supervisor) Miss S Ebden (Lunchtime Supervisor)