Extra Curriculum Activities


Extra-curricular Clubs 2023-24

This is a breakdown of clubs organised so far, others may be added as the year progresses. We have attempted to increase the variety of clubs available and provide more clubs for the infant children across the year.

Start dates and arrangements for clubs will be communicated by individual members of staff via Seesaw and letter.



WLSP – 3:15-:415pm, different year groups on a rota basis, Autumn 1 Years 1-3 pupils - Dance

Young Minds – 3:15-4pm with Mrs Coogan, KS2 pupils by application 

Reading Club 3.15-4.15pm with Mrs Murphy, Autumn Term Year 5&6 pupils

Gardening Club – 3:15-4pm , KS2 with Mrs Newsham 



French Cub - EYFS/KS1 12.30-1pm with Mdme McCready

Choir – 3:15-4:15pm with Mrs Lowe, KS2 pupils

Athletics Club - 3.15-4pm with Miss Travis, Yrs 5 & 6



School Council – 12:05-12:35 with Mrs Newsham & Miss Bell, Rec-Y6 pupils by election




Football – 3:15-4:15pm with Mr Newsham and James, KS2 pupils

French – 3:15-4:15pm with Mme McCready, Rec/Y1 & Y2 pupils - start date to be announced

Board Games - 3.15-4pm with Mrs Ewins, Year 1&2 Autumn Term




Construction Club - EYFS/KS1 Lunchtime with Miss Tearne

Worship Group – 12:05-12:35pm with Mrs Elleray, Y5/6 pupils

French Cub - KS2 12.05-12.35pm with Mdme McCready

Digital Leaders – 3:15-4pm with Mrs Worden, Y5/6 pupils